[NEWS] 120307 INFINITE’s L has hearts fluttering with his school uniform look

Published Maret 8, 2012 by seilyariskyu

INFINITE‘s “visual”, L, has left his female fans’ hearts palpitating with the recent photos that have surfaced.

Recently revealed through an online community, the photos showcase L’s innocent and sweet side with his school uniform, giving us an insight into what he may have looked like back in his school days.

L’s sweet expression towards the unknown girl during their date has captured many netizens’ hearts.

These photos are from the set of an online story video as an endorsement for Samsung’s Galaxy Player, for which the boys of INFINITE are endorsement models for.

Netizens complimented L not only on his dashing good looks, but also his success in tvN‘s ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘, as they responded with, “I want to receive L’s sweet glances too”, “Eye Candy is the best! They’re luxurious to look at”, “L looks better in the uniform than me, a high school student.”

SOURCE : Allkpop 

CREDITS : Sports Korea via Nate; | Rubyfur @Endless Limits

Credit by : Riska Haryati Seilya

Posted by : @seilyariskyu [www.riskaseilya.wordpress.com]



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